Biorgonomy –The path to enhance your life

Biorgonomy is a method of healing and diagnosis through eyelid reaction.

Director: Noga Gazit

Biorgonomy is a method to diagnose and heal a person’s energetic body.

The diagnosis and treatment is performed on the energetic body of a patient. The treatment is carried out without any physical contact between therapist and patient. Instead, it is done through a simple technique of blinking/flickering the eyelids.

The flickering eyelids technique is a capability that every person has within themselves.  It requires no special skill, talent or special studies to learn. It is for this very reason that anyone can learn this technique, as well as learning how to perform an energetic treatment without any previous medical studies background.


The meaning of the name – Biorgonomy is:


Bio comes from Greek root meaning Life.

Orgone comes from the Orgon energy. This term was coined by Dr. William Riech in the 1940’s which exists in every cell of our bodies. This is the energy that gives us the motivation and strength to get up in the morning. It gives us joy, health and love.

The concept behind Biorgonomy, is that a person who is ill or unwell, is a person who lacks that energy. This energy is forms layers inside and outside the body, which help the body’s protection and immune system.

Diagnosing with Biorgonomy:

Biorgonomy enables the therapist to ‘see’ what is beyond, to see the energetic reality of the patient, without using any invasive tools.

Through the eye lid flickering response, we learn how to diagnose ill/unwell organs in the physical body. We are able to diagnose their business situation, their bank account, the state of relationships in their lives and much much more.

What we see with our eyes as a solid object is energy at low frequency, which reflects back to us in the rainbow colors.

Through the eye lids flickering, we can ‘see’ other layers of our physical reality. In fact, we ‘see’ the more influencing layers of our reality.

The Biorgonomy treatment:


The Biorgonomy treatment, rehabilitates the energy field of the body, resets the potential of healing in the body and enables healing to take place. The Biorgonomy treatment is performed through a healing instruction that the therapist gives. A treatment, in which the therapist asks to blend the client’s energy field with it’s own complementary energy field. The uniqueness and one of the advantages that a Biorgonomy treatment has, is that the client doesn’t have to be present or physically near and as a result you can give a treatment to a client from a distance.

What can Biorgonomy treat?

Biorgonomy treats different pains and illnesses, emotional and mental blockages or situations, business and business structure, relationships in life, organising life and more…

According to Biorgonomy, difficulty and illness exist in places where the origin-energy doesn’t reach.

Biorgonomy – a tool to receive answers:


Biorgonomy is a wonderful tool to answer closed questions requiring a yes or no answer.

You can ask for example, Should I move from my house this year?, Is this job right/good for me?, Should I buy this car? and many other questions such as these. In addition, you can find out through Biorgonomy the ‘degree of likeliness or suitability that your choice has for you. For example – To what extent would this profession benefit my life?

Biorgonomy has a, ‘secret advisor’, which is imbedded in ‘the eyelids response’. With it, the practitioner can answer almost any question covering a whole range of different subjects.

The eye lid flicking response, enables the practitioner to see an energetic reality that the regular eye can’t see.

Biorgonomy – a self-enhancement tool:


Biorgonomy enables every person to change their reality instantly at every given moment, as part of a self-healing treatment, which they can give to themselves. One of the reasons we are reluctant to make changes in our lives is fear. In Biorgonomy we talk and consider the subliminal fears (which we find through an energetic test). The subliminal fears in our lives are the reason why we feel stuck where we are.

Biorgonomy – a tool for requests and prior:

Biorgonomy is an amazing tool to send a prior and often energetic request, regarding any matter in life.

Biorgonomy enables the practitioner to check the request, to open the blockages and treat them, whilst we bear in mind that we will always get only what we need and not more.

It’s important to note that the treatment of Biorgonomy works, even when the person doesn’t believe in it. It is also important that we only treat a person who has approached us and has given us their consent to work on them. We can however, treat a person whom we found through an energetic request, to be open and willing to receive our diagnosis. Then, we can begin their energetic treatment. It is very important to remember and understand that we do not invade people’s privacy and we do not impose our energetic will on anyone.

What do we learn from the Biorgonomy studies?

·         We learn the flickering eyelid technique and practice until it becomes an internal instinctual language.

·         We learn how to treat using Biorgonomy.

·         We learn how to treat different illness and mental conditions.

·         We learn to use an energetic tool, to answer questions that require a simple yes or no answer.

·         We learn how to send energetic requests that enable miracles to happen in our lives.

·         We will learn to see human-beings as a bubble of energy and how their mind and soul is reflected in their body. To do so, we will go through empowering processes that will enable us to see that.


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מיני קורס ביואורגונומי מתנה!

להחלים ממחלות, לרפא מכאובים, לאחות את הלב
 ולהכניס קלילות, פשטות והנאה לחיינו.
תארי לעצמך שאת כל זה תוכלי לחולל בעצמך,
 עבורך, עבור המשפחה שלך או עבור מטופלים.

מיני קורס ביואורגונומי מתנה

להחלים ממחלות, לרפא מכאובים, לאחות את הלב
 ולהכניס קלילות,פשטות והנאה לחיינו.
תארי לעצמך שאת כל זה תוכלי לחולל בעצמך,
 עבורך, עבור המשפחה שלך או עבור מטופלים.

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